Slow Food Uganda organizes several events that are both annual and quarterly so as to sensitize the mass about good, clean and fair food as well as strengthening our Terra Madre Network. These events are educational which always attract diverse age groups, gender and social aspects. Some of the events organized by the Slow Food Youth Network Uganda Include:
Food wise: An event dedicated to fostering cross generational linkages in food preparation and consumption between old and young people. Food wise is organized every year in the month of august to connect to facilitate knowledge exchange among the young people and the old generation and it involves cooking classes for traditional food, exhibition of food preservation techniques among others.
The fruit and juice festival: Is an event dedicated to sharing knowledge about the diversity of fruits and the nutritional importance of the different fruits locally found in our communities. It is an event attended by school Children as well as other interested members of the general public. The fruit and Juice Festival is Organised every year in the Month of March.
The vegetable festival: As the name suggests is a knowledge sharing event organized to celebrate the role of local and traditional vegetable species play in ensuring better nutrition and food security in our communities. This event is also dedicated to schools participating or wishing to take part in the Slow Food Gardens’ initiative as well as food communities and producer groups producing a diversity of local vegetables. The event is also attended by visiting chefs who facilitate the creative cooking competitions for school children and their teachers.  
Disco Soup: The only club where you are obliged to bring a knife! In the war against food waste, Gather discarded vegetables from markets, homes, schools and turn them into ‘protest soup to get attention against Food Waste. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and make a lovely soup out of it! Enjoy together with music as we fight against Food Waste.
The Young Farmers Club: This is an organized group of young people in a framework of developing farming practices in a school or a society while improving on the leadership skills amongst them. This club aims at organizing students and pupils in a school to work together on their school gardens as well as promoting and disseminating the philosophy of Slow Food in their Schools. The members of the club are trained in sustainable garden practices and nutritional values. The major objective of the Young Farmers Club is to strengthen the 10000 gardens project in schools.
The Youth Farm Hero: This is an initiative aims at motivating young people who dedicate their time to the farm. These people can be farmers, food activists or trainers who work passionately to promote sustainable agriculture. Every month a Farm hero is awarded a certificate of appreciation and the winner is selected on merit from all parts of the country.