Slow Food Uganda is part of Slow Food international, an association founded in 1989 that pursues cultural, environmental and social objectives that develop around the central role that food plays in our lives, facilitating and promoting the creation of a network of local food communities in both the global north and south.

These communities share the association’s principles and cultivate common interests, starting with food production and consumption systems and promoting ways of life that respect all people and the social, cultural, and environmental contexts in which they live and work. Like Slow Food International, Slow Food Uganda promotes the right for Ugandans to food that is good, clean, and fair for everyone:
 The international Slow Food movement, of which the association is a foundational part, is present in 160 countries throughout the world with more than 1,500 convivia (Local Chapters). Slow Food Uganda is also present in all regions of Uganda with 14 active Convivia and more that 150 food communities and close to 200 School and community gardens where more than 10,000 food activists and producers work day by day to ensure continuous access for all Ugandans to Nutritious meals that are Good Clean and Fair. All local chapters communities and gardens are coordinated by community based leaderswho organize educational courses and tastings as well as promoting the association’s international campaigns at a local level, organizing national events with the aim of communicating Slow Food’s principles and themes to a wider public, starting locally based projects and participating in Slow Food’s major National and international events.