Terra Madre Day! Celebrate eating locally

Join us in the Terra Madre celebrations this year in different parts of Uganda.

Terra Madre Day can be celebrated in an endless number of ways, from small gatherings to large event. Get involved on December 10! Find an event close to you or create one, simple or elaborate, large or small, based on your interests, creativity and availability.

Bukunja climbing yam presidium
10th Dec 2016 from 10:00am
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 100 participants are expected
Ngogwe s/c headquarters, Buikwe district.
Exhibiting of foods like Balugu, coffee, bananas
Taste workshops
Prize giving to the winners during the taste workshop.

Luwero Robusta coffee Presidium
20th Dec 2016 from 2:00pm
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 50 participants are expected
Zirobwe s/c headquarters, Luwero district.
Exhibiting of coffee products and tasting of the coffee
Taste workshops
Sharing knowledge with the community

Kikwanya food community
17th Dec 2016 from 12:00pm
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 40 participants are expected
Ngenya Sub-county, Kikwanya village
Preparation and cooking of local sweet potatoes in many different ways.
Group lunch.

Mukono-Wakiso Earth Market Producers and SFYN-Uganda
28th Dec 2016 from 12:00pm
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 60 participants are expected
Mukono district headquarters
Exhibition of thier food products
Preparation and cooking of local foods in many different ways an group lunch.

20th Dec 2016 from 10:00am
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 60 participants are expected
Kisigula village, Buikwe district
Exhibiting of the different local and traditional food products for example Bogoya (a Banana variety), coffee, Climbing yams, fruits, cassava, potatoes…

Koboko (west Nile)
10th Dec 2016 from 09:00am
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 60 participants are expected
Koboko town, Koboko district
Exhibition of local foods like Cassava, sweet potatoes, coffee…
Training of people about the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair Food.

Lira food community
14th Dec 2016
#TMD2016#lovetheearth #defendthefuture
Over 30 participants are expected
Boroboro village (Dr. Obote college-school)
Training of people on how to protect their traditional and local foods.
Give visibility to our Sim sim, groundnuts, Shea nuts at the risk of extinction.
Preparation of dishes like Gobe, Sim sim paste

Terra Madre Day 2016: A message from Carlo Petrini #lovetheearth #defendthefuture  Held every year on December 10, find the event on facebook

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